Goodbye Marina Galanou
It is with great sadness that I was informed today of the news of the death of Marina Galanou.

Marina Galanou was the dynamic president of the Transgender Support Association in Greece with intense active activist activity in support of trans rights for decades. She was the editor of the publishing house ...
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Novartis second LGBTI+ training course
It is very positive that, globally, more and more companies recognise the need to accept and integrate diversity in the workplace. 

Although we are still in very early stages in Cyprus, lately fortunately we are seeing this increased interest in our country as well. All... you're going to have
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Meeting with the S.A. Ambassador of the Netherlands Elke Merks-Schaapveld
In a friendly atmosphere, we had a meeting today with the S.A. Ambassador of the Netherlands, Mrs. Elke Merks-Schaapveld. The main objective of the meeting was to inform Mrs Merks-Schaapveld about the situation of LGBTI+ rights in Cyprus. 

Among other things, reference was made to the conviction of ...
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Launch of equal rights coalition's five-year LGBTI+ strategy
The Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cornelius Cornelius, represented Cyprus this week at the online launch of the LGBTI+ Strategy of the Equal Rights Coalition (ERC), to which Cyprus has been a member since 2018. 

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Campaign to record LGBTQI+ experiences of conversion therapies in Cyprus
In collaboration with the scientific body "Orlando LGBT+ Mental Health without Stigma" we are launching a campaign to record experiences of conversion therapies in Cyprus, with the aim of identifying bad practices and their results in support of their criminalization effort.
06/04/2021 10:30:00 - Comments
Two words about Socrates Hasicos
It is with sadness that I have been informed of the death of Socrates Hasicos this morning. He was the Minister who promoted and vigorously supported the Civil Union in the Parliament, as well as the first Minister who represented the Government in the Cyprus Pride March in 2015.
05/04/2021 16:13:28 - Comments
Is it time for the first female President of the Cypriot Parliament?
Even slowly, times are finally changing. As has been shown in the past year, some women have been sufficiently empowered to feel ready to denounce the discrimination and incidents of violence they have suffered. Small but extremely important steps.
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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day which is commemorated every year on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviets.
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Five Years of Civil Union in Cyprus
Five years have passed since December 9, 2015, when the Law on Civil Union was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus and it became law, both for same-sex and opposite-sex couples.
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Online Information Meeting - European Day for People with Disabilities 2020
On the occasion of the European Day of Persons with Disabilities 2020, on Thursday 3 December 2020 at 16:00, an online information meeting for disabled organisations is organised in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in Cyprus.
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