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The Underground Railroad
it was amazing
This was a good book and a worthy Pulitzer Prize winner. In it, Whitehead talks about the Underground Railroad through the eyes of Cora, a young African-American female slave in Georgia and her journey to freedom. In reality, the Underg...
really liked it
I was quite intrigued to read this book. It offered far more than expected, as when I picked it up I was only expecting a glimpse on life from an intersex person's perspective. This book though offers much more than that, by taking us ba...
it was amazing
You think you know a book by all the references made to it throughout the years, and you think that, yes, it was groundbreaking back in 1949, but, surely, it has been analysed so much that it cannot be relevant today. How wrong I was. ...
Find Me
really liked it
I was really looking forward to reading Aciman's follow-up novel to Call Me By Your Name. I found that book great in describing young love but, unfortunately, although I can understand the pressure for Aciman to produce a novel not to di...
The Song of Achilles
really liked it
The "Song of Achilles" was an interesting read overall and was well enjoyed, while helping me learn more about Greek Mythology. I recently read Madeline Miller's "Circe" and, just like this book, I was really impressed with how she can t...
21 Lessons for the 21st Century
really liked it
I loved Harari's first books and it has to be noted that the "21 Lessons for the 21st century" has quite a bit of repetition from those. On one hand I appreciated the chance to revisit Harari's past ideas, on the other, I felt I knew whe...
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
it was amazing
Excellent read. Personally I preferred Homo Deus from Harari's 2 first books. The way he describes humanity is impressive and very thought provoking!
Homo Deus: A History of Tomorrow
it was amazing
A very well written book. It breaks down myths of the past in a very simple and understandable way that makes you wonder what the heck were you thinking about life questions before. Must read.
Call Me By Your Name
it was amazing
One of the best books I've read recently. The writing was excellent and very expressive without the need for pointless adjectives all over the place. Who ever had an unreciprocated strong love at some point in their lives, will surely co...
Follow You Home
liked it
Too much detail describing every item in a room in a rather old-style writing. Good start, bundled with a weak plot that becomes more unbelievable as the book progresses. This book is ok if you want to kill time at the beach, but will no...