Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

27/01/2021 16:46:57 Comments From Costa Gavrielides

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day which is commemorated every year on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviets.
Between 1933 and 1945 police arrested 100,000 men as homosexuals. More than half were imprisoned or sent to concentration camps.

Let us take some time to think and learn from experts who for years, even today, have been examining exactly how this atrocity took place.

What the experts say is that genocide doesn't start with mass murder. That's where they end up. Genocide and other crimes of mass atrocities begin in simple terms. Specifically from people with power who are constantly degrading a weak minority.

Once a minority has been reduced to a degree considered inferior, to a level where its members are now considered less human, anything is possible, even mass murder.

Today, we see politicians doing this in many countries, even in Cyprus. Politicians who tell people that their problems are the fault of a minority group - immigrants, LGBTI, an ethnic group.

We have a duty to name and highlight this dangerous practice.

We benefit from stopping the spread of the redeeming victims and preventing the worst that follows, as history has unfortunately already taught us. 
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