Proud Greece!

07/10/2020 16:36:42Comments By Costa Gavrielides

Photo of protesters outside the Court of Appeal
©AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis

Today's decision of the Greek Justice is a world historic victory for Decocracy. We have the official demise of the nazi gang of Golden Dawn.

- Rupakias is guilty of the murder of Paul Fyssas.

- Golden Dawn is officially marked as a criminal organization.

- Guilty are Michaloliakos, Kasidiaris, Lagos, Pappas and other high-ranking officials, politicians of Golden Dawn, for setting up and managing a criminal organization.

- Guilty of membership and participation in the criminal organization are 11 former Members of the Greek Parliament

- All the defendants charged are guilty of attempted murder of Egyptian fishermen.

- All the defendants are guilty of dangerous bodily harm against PAME trade unionists.

The political and social marginalization of Golden Dawn, as well as other organised forms that result from it, was and is necessary. 

During the Second World War we witnessed how extreme nationalist discourse began "innocently" and how it resulted in extreme nationalist acts. We too suffered, among other peoples, as Greeks, as disabled people, as LGBTI people, as people of diversity, in concentration camps and elsewhere. Greece fought to drive out the Nazis with several Cypriots where there.

We have a duty today not to allow tolerance in such cases, which, as in 1939, took place in the name of democracy and began with the political rise of the Nazis in government.  No one imagined where it would end up.

History has spoken, even long before 1939. We cannot afford to say that it is none of our business what happens to others. Inevitably, someday they'll come for us.
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