Reorganisation of the Child-Focused Literacy System
IMR 's recent research for SIGMA is becoming a useful source of knowledge on the multifaceted issue of childbearing and same-sex families. There is no reason to stigmatise the research. Through the results of the survey, it is important to recognize the positive elements that...
25/10/2023 22:52:19 - Comments
Announcement of candidacy for Member of the DISY Political Bureau
It is with a sense of responsibility that I announce my candidacy for the position of member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Rally. My decision stems from my deep belief in the democratic and liberal principles and values of the party and the will to work together to adapt the principles and values of the party to the needs of the people.
04/04/2023 09:55:09 - Comments
Homophobic attack on CUT: You do not scare us
Yesterday's homophobic attack at the Cyprus University of Technology (CEPAK) in Limassol is an act of brutal violence which, not only as Advisor to the President of the Republic of Cyprus on Multiculturalism and Diversity issues, but especially as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I condemn...
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Why I will vote for Andreas Mavroyiannis on the 2nd Sunday of the elections
As Advisor to the President on Multiculturalism and Diversity, I have had the privilege of serving my community in a meaningful way. This role has provided me with a journey of deep understanding of the importance of diversity in shaping the future, but also a profound understanding of the importance of diversity in shaping the future.
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Averof Neophytou's 20 Proposals for the LGBTQI+ Community
We are pleased to see political leaders taking the concerns of the LGBTQ+ community seriously and so the publication of the updated responses to the Accept-LGBTI Cyprus questionnaire last Monday 30 January 2023 was met with a mixture of relief and surprise ...
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Yes, a boy can love a boy and a girl a girl.
Since last week there has been an intense public debate regarding THOC's production "Around the world in eighty days" directed by Marios Kakoullis. 

13/12 /2022 17:45:00 - Comments
The Legal Gender Recognition Bill is submitted to the Parliament
The Minister of Justice and Public Order, Stefi Drakou, announced yesterday at the Cyprus Pride March 2022 the promotion to the Parliament for the adoption of the bill for the Legal Recognition of Gender Identity after the recent...
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In recent months, and especially after the announcement of the first confirmed case in Cyprus, there has been a heated debate on how to spread and protect against the monkeypox virus. It is now a serious challenge for health professionals to properly manage the parapl.

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Marriage discrimination for Cypriot citizens of two categories
The Parliament approved the day before yesterday, July 14, 2022, the proposal of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works to hold civil weddings in nine archaeological sites, museums and castles. The aim of this movement is to enhance the visibility of our cultural heritage.

Many congratulations for...
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International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022, let us take the time to remember one of the most heinous crimes of our time which resulted in the deaths of six million Jews, Roma, homosexuals, people with disabilities, political opponents, Jehovah's Witnesses and other victims...

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